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My Top 10 Favorite Children (mangas  Animes) Girl by LiixiaSorbet My Top 10 Favorite Children (mangas  Animes) Girl by LiixiaSorbet
Hi everybody ^-^
I wanted to do something a little different !!

The original image used for these montage do not belong to me (except for screenshots)
-VermeilleRose :
Sakura, Mariko, Mashiro (both), Ushio, Rin & Enju's pictures are screenshots (made by me)

For other images I do not have the names , So if you recognize your work or someone else's work do not hesitate to credit in the comments (put the name, the original image, the link to the page, or even the three, that does not Do not bother me) I do not delete the message !!!!

For those who do not know (or more) where the characters come from and who are curious :
- Sakura Kinomoto = Card Captor Sakura (I also advise "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle" & "xxxHolic")
- Mariko Kurama = Elfen Lied
- Mashiro Kazahana = Mai Hime/Mai Otome Zwei (be careful she is not Mashiro Blan de WindBloom)
- Mashiro Blan de WindBloom = Mai Otome/Mai Otome Zwei (
be careful she is not Mashiro Kazahana)
- Sieglinde Sullivan = Black Butler
- Tomoyo Daidouji = Card Captor Sakura (
I also advise "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle")
- Ushio Okazaki = Clannad
- Rin Kokonoe = Kodomo no Jikan (I do not really like this animated and his story, but I find this character really interesting)
- Enju = Black Bullet
- Skuld = Ah My Goddess

Thank you to you and good day (or good evening) ^-^
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